Josemar Lohn josemarlohn at
Thu Jan 12 14:34:22 GMT 2006

Hello All:

Firstly I wish to thank you all for developing the MueCow.
It really solved me a problem. We need to use it in a Xinerama environment
and something in original LTSP doesn't run. But in Ubuntu it really does the
thing up.
And there are two more things:
The NFS over TCP is the best. That was the worse thing in original LTSP.
Sometimes we got net stall because of this, and not now.
And the SSH connection to the server. I really hate to let the XDMCP port
open. I used NX, but it haves some difficuties too. And the SSH solve

Really thanks.
I am using it right now and loving the results.

Well, now the first suggestion:
Why don't you put the openssh-server as a dependency of the ltsp-server? Or
in the how to suggest to install it before execute the ltsp-build-client

When I was testing, it looks easier.

I will still tesing and any bug or other suggestion I wrote again.

Josemar Lohn
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