Dropping pre-i686 from the archive

Marco Cabizza mc at newglobal.it
Wed Jan 11 15:26:56 GMT 2006

> I strongly agree. Please remember those who can still make good use of old
> hardware for thin clients - not to mention basic servers for less
> demanding tasks.
> Ubuntu should keep the perspective that it is for everyone, not just
> people who can afford the luxury of powerful hardware.

i686 is not a luxury, as of Jan 2006. Honestly none of my friends have a
non-i686 CPU (and I'm only a student, therefore I can't afford MASSIVE

I don't think GNOME is the best choice for retrocomputing (I'm a power
GNOME FANATIC, though), if we want to expand the "ubuntu is for
everyone" concept. Try running a default desktop setup on a 96 or 97
machine, is it smooth?

I guess not, probably because I had a similar experience with machines
that were as old as Windows 2000, or perhaps one year younger. Having a
smooth setup without removing tons of packages was pure mythology.


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