Fwd: what is the reason for not making epiphany the default browser?

Evandro Fernandes Giovanini evandrofg at ig.com.br
Tue Jan 10 03:01:17 GMT 2006

Em Seg, 2006-01-09 às 21:35 -0500, Eric Dunbar escreveu:
> PS I think that Epiphany DOES have potential, and, it has the
> potential to replace FF _nearly in its current form_, but, some
> thought needs to be put into its settings.
> If the goal is simple yet _as useful as possible_, then...
> - the menus need to be cleaned up a bit to better reflect the
> underlying actions;

I don't agree with some of your comments, but please file them on
bugzilla.gnome.org (if you haven't already). The Epiphany developers may
agree with you. :)

> - the icons needs to be prettied up;

The Epiphany icons come from the GNOME theme. In fact, they're the exact
same icons as the 'File Browser' (default mode for nautilus in Ubuntu).
I use the Tango icon theme and things look much better indeed.

> - text size icons OR zoom icons (though, that may
>  require too much
> coding since zoom isn't directly supported by the current interface
> whereas text sizing is) added;

I think it would actually be nice to have text zoom icons replace the
throbber, which is useless thanks to the statusbar. Bug them! :)

> - movable tabs need to be locked down as the default (this is a "power
> user" feature, inappropriate for beginners or long time users with
> simple needs); and,

Why would this be inappropriate for beginners? I don't think people
would accidently move tabs, but if you think that then perhaps they
could be made a little harder to move. No need for more preferences,
just fix the behaviour so it works for everyone. :)

> - add a Google (or other search engine) search bar beside the URL bar.

There's only one bar in Epiphany, which can be used as a URL bar or a
search bar. If you start typing something and select the 'Search the
web' button, it will search using Google. You can also just type search
expressions and hit enter, and Epiphany will launch a Google search. 
Also, Google is the default home page in Epiphany (not in the Ubuntu
packages though).


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