Getting popcon back in shape

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Sun Jan 8 22:54:40 GMT 2006

On 06/01/06 at 20:12 +0100, Stefan Potyra wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Freitag 06 Januar 2006 19:16 schrieb Matt Zimmerman:
> > In general, popcon doesn't answer these questions as effectively for us as
> > it does for Debian, due to the fact that most users use the preselected
> > desktop environment.  These packages dominate the results, and the variance
> > in the remaining packages doesn't seem very informative.
> Popcon statistics gave/give at least some hints, which *universe* packages to 
> fix first. I remember we used that info for the list of FTBFS packages for 
> breezy (which were more than we could handle).

I also use Debian's popcon results to sort the lists on . Of course, popcon has some
bias, but even with it, it is still very useful.

> Maybe some public announcement (planet/fridge?) of popcon might help to get 
> more data.

The first thing to do would be to understand why
hasn't been updated since June 6th (even if the submissions per
architecture graph seems to have been updated).
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