Fwd: what is the reason for not making epiphany the default browser?

Ben Aldrich vrecan at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 03:43:08 GMT 2006

I have tried just a few days ago to use epiphany again and its tab handling
drives me nuts.. there is no extension to allow all things to be opened in
tabs which means its unusable for me.  Plus atleast the default epiphany in
ubuntu repositories removes the url bar after you type in the first place
you want to go. Talk about a horrible thing for usability(I know this can be
changed easily but who's bright idea was that as a defalt?).  Plus when
saving files it defaults to going to my home directory even though desktop
is set in the prefrences dialog.  Then there is the fact that when saving to
directories its almost never the directories that I have set in my places
for gnome and it never remembers the directory you last saved that file type
to, which firefox does.

In almost every way firefox 1.5 is better then epiphany for my every day
use, and same for my mother who is an ubuntu user.  She is constantly saving
images and other things from email that would drive her nuts having to tell
epiphany every time where to save her images.  Just because you want to save
things in a directory you shouldn't have to map it to your places in gnome.

Then there is the fact that you can use firefox in any os you are in really
helps the user feel comfortable in linux right from the beginning.  I think
Openoffice helps in this respect aswell.

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