Fwd: what is the reason for not making epiphany the default browser?

Lionel Dricot (aka Ploum) zeploum at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 15:43:47 GMT 2006

If firefox must be shipped with tons of extensions, there's  no reason to
not adopt Epiphany instead.

IMHO, Firefox must be as Thunderbird is now : easily installable but a
"plus" for power users.

I'm using Epiphany for a few months now and it's astonishing how I cannot
use Firefox anymore : it's so slow, non-intuitive (not Gnome HIG),
non-responsive. But that's not the point here ;-)

https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EpiphanyDefaultBrowser is surprizing because :
- There's very few advantages in favor of Firefox !
- Advantages of Firefox are not advantages of the program itself : hype,
well known, familiar, lot of extensions.

As we speak about a default browser (in my mind, an user that can install a
firefox extension can also install a whole new browser if needed), I would
be curious to hear a bit more from people that believe that Firefox must be
the default. (not on this list, on the wiki page please).

As I said all the time : Remember that we are talking about default here,
not about your personnal preference. What an user must see the first time he
will start Ubuntu.

On 07/01/06, Tristan Wibberley <maihem at maihem.org> wrote:
> Wouter Stomp wrote:
> > On 1/7/06, Sandis Neilands <sandisn at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> >>2) Can you close tab without activating it in firefox?
> >
> >
> > Yes, by clicking on it with the middle mouse button.
> Is there any chance, for Dapper, of installing some tab extension as
> standard (via Recommends) and configuring it to put a close button on
> each tab by default. I've been using firefox since before it was firefox
> and I didn't know about the middle click thing because there is no way
> for it to be indicated on screen that that will happen, a close button
> on each tab, however, will do precisely that. I *do* know about
> right-click->Close Tab, but right click, move down and click again is
> annoying as hell for some reason. Having used firefox at work, where IT
> have installed a tab extension that adds the close button to each tab, I
> can say with certainty that it is extremely desirable in order to give
> Ubuntu that nice polish that a consumer OS should have.
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