Fwd: what is the reason for not making epiphany the default browser?

Quim Gil qgil at desdeamericaconamor.org
Sat Jan 7 08:04:14 GMT 2006

En/na Sandis Neilands ha escrit:
> So what exactly should it do better than firefox to become default?

I think this is a very good question. Combined with Matt's very good
answers we get to the point of knowing if the decision of moving from
Firefox to Epiphany would be done on a purely technical basis, or based
also on marketing aspects.

Same with OpenOffice.org vs GNOME Office. Even if tomorrow we would have
the missing presentations tool in GO and it was proved that the GNOME
suite is far better in the context of Ubuntu than OOo, what else would
be needed for a change?

Nobody ignores the marketing risk that represents to Ubuntu the fact of
"not shipping Mozilla and OpenOffice.org" in the CDs (these are the
headlines, then the explanations would come. Nobody ignores the push
that would represent to Epiphany and GnomeOffice (specifically Abiword)
the fact of being officially adopted by Ubuntu.

I wonder if there is a possibility in between (something else than
having these apps in Main).

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org
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