Fwd: what is the reason for not making epiphany the default browser?

Sandis Neilands sandisn at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 04:00:16 GMT 2006


> I did recently write "consitency, consistency, consistency" with
> regards to the FF URL bar ;=P), however, I'm willing to make an
> exception in this case. FireFox does an excellent job of being a web
> browser (vs. Epiphany).
> I tried Epiphany (granted, that was in 5.10 when it was in beta) a few
> months back and was thoroughly underwhelmed. It didn't seem to have
> particularly good tab handling (did it even have tabs?) and was (in my
> experience) quite unstable.

It is very stable on my 5.10. And yes, it has tabs. And tab handling
is a way better in epi than in firefox. Can you
1) Sort your tags by dragging them in firefox?
2) Can you close tab without activating it in firefox?
Note that epiphany has these features in itself not in some 3rd party
In fact it would be very nice if gnome terminal handled tabs like
epiphany does.

> Until Epiphany becomes _undisputably_ BETTER than FF, FF should remain
> the default. It's not good enough for Epiphany to be FF's equal -- it
> has to do its job BETTER than FF!!!

Right. Some people who have used epiphany a bit more than you think
that epiphany is already better than firefox (in context as ubuntu's
default web browser). I agree with them. So what exactly should it do
better than firefox to become default?


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