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John Nilsson john at
Fri Jan 6 10:43:39 GMT 2006

On Fri, 2006-01-06 at 10:11 +0100, Stephan Hermann wrote:
> Speak
> This is the specification for third party packages. It doesn't matter who or 
> what the "third party" is.

That spec mentions direct install of debs. I'm not entirely sure that's
a very good idea. Sure the possibility would be nice, but the preferred
and promoted way should be repository based installs.

I hadn't thought of it before I saw this: but a
repository based system is important to keep malware out of the equation
for Linux.

By downloding software from Ubuntu repositories (even if they are just
proxies for third-parties) I get the assurance that the software is
reasonably malware free, compatible and integrated with the system, and
has a reasonably high quality regarding the intended use.

The software can readily be upgraded and patched for security problems
in a timely manner through the system upgrade facility. This isn't only
important for my own system but also minimizes the number of systems
potentially hazardous for the Internet (spam bots, worm carriers and

>From a user experience point of view it's also more consistent if all
software is available from a single point.

All the above my stand on its own merits but once third party software
installation outside the package manger becomes common it also becomes
the norm. As the industry already is used to this way of distribution
it's hard enough to convert them as it is.


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