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Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Jan 6 06:54:55 GMT 2006


Am Donnerstag, den 05.01.2006, 19:50 -0500 schrieb Patrick McFarland:
> <rant>I think Ubuntu needs to quit playing catchup with other distros. Ubuntu 
> is technically sound, and far superior in design to any other distro (sans 
> Debian or other good Debian forks for obvious reasons).</rant>

who do you think this rant helps? Please keep it off the list. It's
demotivating and it doesn't even make sense. 

The developers who work on Ubuntu develop and put the best work in they
can. There is nothing like the virtual idea of 'catching up'.

So if you find something that is outdated and provide good reasons
(testing it before, ...) to do the update, we will consider it.

Have a nice day,

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