Gimp-print 5.0rc1

Patrick McFarland diablod3 at
Fri Jan 6 00:50:22 GMT 2006

I also request that Gutenprint should be brought to Dapper.

<rant>I think Ubuntu needs to quit playing catchup with other distros. Ubuntu 
is technically sound, and far superior in design to any other distro (sans 
Debian or other good Debian forks for obvious reasons).</rant>

On Thursday 05 January 2006 14:57, Flavio Martins wrote:
> I would like to see this happen too. Some new Epson printers work with
> the new drivers provided, overall it should be "better" than what we
> have now. I've seen some packages in debian experimental and unstable I
> believe. Can someone clarify if this will happen? Not one spec addresses
> this.
> On Thu, 2006-01-05 at 11:34 -0800, George Farris wrote:
> > Any chance we might see gimp-print, now gutenprint, version 5.0 in
> > Dapper.  I noticed on the devel maillist that they are talking about a
> > 5.0 release and they actually have released 5.0rc1 which is a good sign.
> >
> > I suspect 5.0rc1 might be better than 4.2.7 at any rate.
> >
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