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Fri Jan 6 04:50:33 GMT 2006

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On 5 Jan, 2006, at 7:19 AM, Lakin Wecker wrote:
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> The current information displayed in the Firefox starting page, is 
> great information, but is utterly useless for browsing the web.  This 
> information is important and should be shown to users, but it 
> shouldn't be the default start page for firefox.

Agreed. We have a specification on this.

> ...
> Perhaps, we could design another start page which explains to a user 
> the common use cases for browsing the internet: "If you know the URL 
> of the webpage that you want to visit, type it into the URL box at the 
> top of this window, <insert screenshot>.  If you don't know what a
> URL is, or don't know which page you want to visit, you can search for 
> webpages using the google bar, <insert screenshot>.  "  etc.  This 
> could also be a place to explain basic web security information that 
> we take for granted.  And finally, the page could include information 
> on what a home page is, and how to set it, such that they don't have 
> to see this page everytime they start firefox.
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That's an interesting idea, and Firefox does something similar. But it 
wouldn't be appropriate behavior for a word processor or a spreadsheet, 
so my inclination is that it's inappropriate for a Web browser too.

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