Help with chroot on amd64/em64t

Colin Watson cjwatson at
Thu Jan 5 18:26:49 GMT 2006

On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 03:01:18PM +0000, Alexandre Strube wrote:
> I work on a custom version of ubuntu, specially tailored for a computer
> manufacturer, which distributes it with their systems. We distribute
> about 1500 ubuntu copies/month.
> It is mainly a rearragement of ubuntu live for i386, with some more
> hardware supported and some changes on the packages provided.
> One of the main difference is a working prototype of ubuntu-express, a
> installer for ubuntu live.

Could you please call this by some different name? We're not even going
to call *our* implementation ubuntu-express any more, due to the
substantial confusion caused by multiple different implementations
wandering around under that name with entirely different designs.
Derivative works are one thing, but pieces of software with radically
different designs should really have different names.

> Essentially, what this kind of installer does is
> - it partitions the disk
> - copies / from the cd to hard disk
> - chroot to the recently copied filesystem, re-configures kernel, init
> and grub
> - reboot.
> Up to now, all is well. The problem is that chroot does not behave
> nicely on amd64/em64t systems.

If this were the case, the Ubuntu amd64 installer would also fail badly.
(It works fine.)

> But when the same is done on amd64 ubuntu, it fails miserably. It says:
> chroot: Cannot run command `/bin/bash' : No such file or directory.

Are you absolutely sure that you've really copied everything? Does
/bin/bash exist in the tree you're trying to chroot into? Does its
library interpreter (/lib64/ on amd64) exist? /lib64
is a symlink, so perhaps you left that out by accident.


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