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Alexandre Strube surak at
Thu Jan 5 15:01:18 GMT 2006


I work on a custom version of ubuntu, specially tailored for a computer
manufacturer, which distributes it with their systems. We distribute
about 1500 ubuntu copies/month.

It is mainly a rearragement of ubuntu live for i386, with some more
hardware supported and some changes on the packages provided.

One of the main difference is a working prototype of ubuntu-express, a
installer for ubuntu live.

Essentially, what this kind of installer does is
- it partitions the disk
- copies / from the cd to hard disk
- chroot to the recently copied filesystem, re-configures kernel, init
and grub
- reboot.

Up to now, all is well. The problem is that chroot does not behave
nicely on amd64/em64t systems.

When you copy everything to /, mounts /dev and /proc and chroots to it,
everything goes fine on i386.

But when the same is done on amd64 ubuntu, it fails miserably. It says:
chroot: Cannot run command `/bin/bash' : No such file or directory.

Gnu-coreutils-bugs mailing list is of no help. What happens is that the
exact same procedure works on
- warty i386 on several computers, including the ones which fail with
- breezy i386, same
- dapper (jan 4) i386, same

and does not work on
- breezy amd64 running on a amd64, a pentium4 em64, a celeron em64t and
a pentium d em64t
- dapper (jan 4), same.

I suspect there's something wrong with chroot on the amd64/em64t

Please, someone help me. I'm trying to get desperate on this :-)

Alexandre Strube <surak at>
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