Fwd: what is the reason for not making epiphany the default browser?

Sam Morris sam at robots.org.uk
Thu Jan 5 10:58:28 GMT 2006

John Nilsson wrote:
> In my experience, Epiphany is much more stable than firefox. Allthough
> the situation is somewhat better in Deer Park, but not much.
> Epiphany is also much better integrated with the rest of the system.

Check. Plus the option to restore the last used set of windows and tabs 
is a life saver.

> Deer Park and Epiphany seems to be roughly on par when it comes to start
> up time. Epiphany is much faster than older firefox though.

I thought this when I first switched to Epiphany from Firefox. Months 
later, the time it takes to open a new window has increased to ~5 
seconds, and when I run Firefox I notice that it seems to be quicker.

The source of the difference is the browsing history. Both browsers are 
much quicker when they don't have a few weeks of history stored up and, 
apparently, accessed every time a window or tab is opened or closed.

Sam Morris

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