James Troup james.troup at ubuntu.com
Wed Jan 4 20:46:17 GMT 2006

martin f krafft <madduck at debian.org> writes:

> Sorry if I have to ask, but is pool.ntp.org not good enough for
> Ubuntu?

No.  Have you even ever actually used it?  If you have, I'm surprised
you have to ask.

> NTP is strong in a decentralised way. It gets better the closer you
> are to the time servers, and it surely doesn't like downtime very
> much.

Err, a) I can guarantee you that the uptime and availability of
ntp.ubuntu.com surpasses that of a random machine picked out of
pool.ntp.org, b) we only install ntpdate by default, not ntp-server -
distance to the server really isn't that big a deal for an ntpdate
that's mostly used once on boot.


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