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Aigars Mahinovs aigarius at
Wed Jan 4 20:16:13 GMT 2006

I for one had no idea that clicking the siteicon in the URL bar of
Firefox selects the URL. I wonder what other tiny hidden (ab)usability
gems are hidden around the apps that we use every day on our Ubuntu
systems? What if there were a "tutorial" application which would
activate when you run some software for the first time and would
overlay the window of the software with a bunch of "Try this" speech
bubbles showing off nice features. In the center there could be a
rectangular bubble describing the purpose of the software in one short
paragraph. For very complex apps there could be a few "layers" of such
notes (no more then 5).
There should be a panel applet that calls back the "tutorial overlay"
for the current app whenever you want to look at it again. Also users
could be allowed to add their own notes and contribute them back for
integration into next versions. Also, until one turns off the "newbe
mode"  in his Ubuntu installation, he could get one random "tutorial
hint" bubble displayed each time he launches an app (on second though,
that would get annoying very soon).
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