Reminder: Distro team meeting tonight

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Wed Jan 4 20:11:29 GMT 2006

Martin Pitt wrote:
> please remember that tonight we have a distro team meeting (Thursday,
> 0200 UTC) in #ubuntu-devel, which is in about 8 hours.

Thanks for the reminder.  As it turns out, I may still be travelling
home from Cairns to Melbourne (I hop on a plane in about 2 hours, spend
some time in the air, then lots of public transit home) at that time, so
I probably won't make it this week.

Not much worth noting has happened since the last meeting, since getting
back from vacation landed me with some buildd messes to sort out and a
massive INBOX to sift through, but I'm pretty much back on track now,
and should be back to work an hour or two after the meeting, should
people want to catch up with me about anything specific.

... Adam

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