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Wed Jan 4 17:22:07 GMT 2006

On 1/4/06, Eric Dunbar <eric.dunbar at> wrote:
> On 1/4/06, Wouter Stomp <wouterstomp at> wrote:
> When you _single_ click on text in a word processor, you position the
> "carat" (or whatever it's called) at a specific location. You
> double-click to select words, and do something else yet again to
> select more than a word (but, the URL is a single word as it bars the
> use of space so a double-click is appropriate to select it, WHILE
> REMAINING CONSISTENT with the rest of the interface).
> Consistency, consistency, consistency.

It doesn't remain consistent with the rest of the interface.  The
Double-Click to select words breaks up words on more than just spaces in
most entry boxes.  Additionally, this URL bar acts very similar to a
drop-down combo box in some situations and completely different for other
situations.  It also doesn't look like a drop-down combo box, (there is no
arrow button on the side).

The suggestion of using a UR_L_ label beside the URL box, which activates
the URL box on ALT-L is much more consistent with the Gnome HIG.  Although
I'm now less certain that Ubuntu's goals include Gnome HIG compliance for
all their applications.

The URL bar is for editing and entering URLs. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sure, that's what this discussion is about.   I'm still of the opinion that
average users will want to replace the URL more often than editing it.

Besides, there is already a GREAT way to select the whole URL. Click
> on the mini site icon.

Yes, and this will work for me, once I start using FF 1.5, but it is still
inadequate for the average users.  Many of us had no idea it did this.   I
doubt most of our users will know or use this feature.

In my experience, many average users will usually use the URL bar once, at
the beginning of their browsing session, directly after starting firefox.
When they are done, or ready to move onto a new page, new users might close
their browser and open a new one.  Those who are more experienced would
click on the address bar.  In either case, their next action would be to
replace the whole URL.  I my opinion this justifies the select-all default
behavior.  Because we have an option for changing this behavior, those of us
who will not use it, can switch the option.

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