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On Mon, 02.01.06, Carl Karsten <carl at personnelware.com> wrote:

Hi Carl and List

> Excellent points on both sides.
> But I don't think this is ever going to stop, and I don't see the current 
> direction having any more value.  Maybe I can change the direction to 
> something with value.
> Problem with current thread:  too many examples, or details or something 
> that doesn't really nail the point.  They are all very good, and I hardly 
> dispute any of what has been posted, but it is liking hearing "The sky is 
> blue."  "No, air has O2"  and then 100 bits of support for each "side."

You are very right. I for one was also rather unhappy with the whole server
kernel thing because I see it as only a minor part of my statement. 

> "My suggestion: KISS! Keep it simple stupid." - so that the finite 
> resources are best used.
> Pretty sure this whole thread revolves around what is "best" and who gets 
> to decide it.   Pretty sure the first doesn't matter, because it is Mark, 
> and I bet Mark is pretty on top of this issue.

Very important word and I tried to stress that in my initial post:
"suggestion" and "I don't really have a say but simply try to convey my view
of the situation". Surely Mark has a huge saying in the whole thing but if
he solely to decide where to go then I wouldn't call this a community thing.
And since he hasn't engraved his position on the whole thing in stone
somewhere for us to go see and know what he meant my statement reflected
_my_ understanding of what he meant and wanted for ubuntu and _my_ view that
ubuntu is steering away from that. The others differ.
For instance it would have been more clear that Mark wants to be the
benevolent dictator when the money would come straight from him. But he
initiated the foundation to pay the devs, in my eyes, to separate the thing
a little from him. Maybe he could chime in a little?



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