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Leo Cacciari lcacciari at altern.org
Tue Jan 3 11:57:37 GMT 2006

Il giorno mar, 03/01/2006 alle 00.43 +0100, Loïc Martin ha scritto:
> Well, I proposed to create a scim install/upgrade howto, but I got no 
> answer. OTOH, I understand my own Joe user knowledge wouldn't be really 
> the best choice as a howto writer. And since newer scim packages won't 
> be backported to Breezy, my knowledge won't help much.
> I also proposed to Ubuntu-documentation to update the state of the Wacom 
> mini howto (quite error-inducing) but I don't even think the message got 
> through.
There is a simple thingh which I think is fundamental in the Open Source
Software in general and for ubuntu in particular: if you would like to
have something and the developpers already in the team have not the
time/experience/ability to do it then:

*you are welcome to implement it and let everybody profit of your

Documentation everybody can write it, more or less. If the english is
your problem, as is the case with a lot of we french people :), I'm sure
you could write it in our language and found someone willing to
translate it.

Coding, or even packaging, is harder: I don't think you could do it if
you are not a programmer. If you problem is in packaging and you are not
a programmer then you get three options:

a) learn programming and do it yourself (a little hard if your
experience is realy far from programming)
b) stop complaying and use the system as it is now (not very pratical, I
c) submit a bug report (yes, it) writing to the package mantainer and
stating your willingness to help him/her in solving your problem:
remember, AFAIK most, if not all, of the mantainer of universe packages
are not paid for that job. 

In the c) case above remember a old french saying "you can not catch
flies with vinegar" A more gentle approach and a willingness to do your
part (even if it is only provide feedback) will realy help you in
getting what you want from Ubuntu (or any Open Source project).

just _my_ 2 c.

Leo "TheHobbit"

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