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Loïc Martin lomartin3 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 23:28:03 GMT 2006

Matt Zimmerman a écrit :

>Another reason is that we receive conflicting
>reports about which system is most appropriate for Ubuntu, and don't have
>the wherewithal to decide due to the previous reason.
Since it seems there's only hope for Dapper now, I'd like to know if you 
receive other reports than these on this list and on the forums. From 
what I've read till know, the reports didn't seem so conflicting - in 
fact, even the people using UIM (AFAIK the only other option with scim 
atm) where agreeing that for most languages UIM wouldn't be a choice and 
that their own language was supported enough so they wouldn't mind 
Ubuntu shipping with scim in main.
It was also pointed that nothing prevents Ubuntu to ship with two 
methods included by default, the user can switch to the one he prefers 
if he really mind the default one between the two.
This last solution would still be far better than offering nothing to 
Joe user. I mean, Jim user in this case.

So if the position is still : We can't do anything because "we receive 
conflicting reports about which system is most appropriate for Ubuntu" I 
think we as non English input users might want to know why. Is there any 
new information that lead you to think that you still can't decide? 
Because if it's based on the same reports I've read, I would have a hard 
time to understand what was not clear in the discussion? Or why 
defaulting to scim (while still allowing the few users that said they 
could use scim but preferred uim to go back to uim) would be worse than 
offering nothing with Dapper?

>First, scim is a universe package, supported on a best-effort basis and
>usually a very low priority when a release is approaching.  
That's Ubuntu we're talking about? The distribution whose purpose is to 
offer any (English speaking WASP) human being a Desktop Linux :) ?

>Second, while
>two weeks may seem like a lot of time for a particular bug or two, bear in
>mind that the development team is extremely busy during releases, just with
>the normal preparatory work.  scim didn't change at all in Breezy for at
>least two months before release as part of the normal freeze process.
As Far As I Remember scim broke everything as soon as Colony 3 release. 
I don't know the time schedule between Colony 3 and Breezy release, but 
if you're going to make changes between Colony 2 and 3, you might as 
well plan a long enough time to fix the new bugs.
If people didn't fill a bug the same day Colony 3 shipped, though, I 
think I can understand. No internet access, no sudo gedit and no sudo 
anything as well might make it hard to report a bug. On the other hand, 
that made upgrading to Breezy quite an experience - I had forgotten 
Microsoft quality updates, and man, that brought back memories.

Well, as a Joe user, I might just be adding noise to the list. But as 
long as Joe user's voice stands nothing in front of a developer's 
concerns, we'll never be any better than Microsoft.

Just my own 2c...

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