2c about the development of ubuntu

Loïc Martin lomartin3 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 10:23:09 GMT 2006

First I'd like to say sorry to everyone I offended. OTOH, I hope others 
knew what a smiley is. And yes I'm also an English-speaking WASP, and 
still can laugh at it (true my name and locale can be misleading :).

Second, I'll try to be brief - as somebody kindly noticed, I'm just 
adding noise to the list (I already knew that, just was hoping the fact 
Ubuntu also cares for human beings - and not only laptops or Ethernet 
cards - means they might be happy to listen to users experiences - these 
don't really belong to Ubuntu-users).

My point is not to promote scim against uim, as I said there would be no 
problem including uim and scim in main. If that's what you understood it 
was all about, I'd rather you re-read my posts (if you have the time, 
that is).
So I could indeed stop sleeping and learn packaging, this would allow 
about 6 hours a day and I might get scim ready in less than two months. 
Well, thanks for the idea. I could also go to a distribution geared 
towards humans (actually I did, thus I'm here).

The point is (and was) is CJK input really important? Is it more 
important to polish gnome so it looks nice or add support for a few 
laptops (I'm a laptop user, its support is not perfect but as I can use 
its keyboard and mice, so far I'm happy).
If so, since no developer seems interested in IM (input method), is it 
not possible to spare one out of the 20 (already overworked) paid ones? 
Well, we might not get a support for XXX laptop in Dapper. But even a 
non CJK speaking developer would certainly find more interesting to 
support *people* instead of supporting hardware. Whatever the prejudices 
against developers you might have, a human face is nicer than a piece of 
plastic :P.

If it's important, then at least one (preferably both) IM has to be in 
main, probably its place belongs more in Ubuntu-desktop than, let's pick 
up... gnome-games?

Oh, and you need bug reports? There's already more than enough, but we 
can fill more if necessary. Just no point if there's not strong 
commitment for CJK users in Ubuntu.
You need CJK user's support? I can test all CJK inputs, without speaking 
them. I just need to pick up a free learning course on the web and input 
meaningful Korean, Japanese or Chinese by typing what I see on the page 
(oh, and there's CJK users in any university nowadays, which is not only 
nice but also quite handy). If you're a developer and are lost with IM, 
you can just ask us to test your work... (Plus, scim problems - 
hopefully solved in Dapper? - were the kind to be noticed even if you 
couldn't input anything - for you couldn't input anything if you had 
scim-gtk2-immodule installed anyway. Even English in some cases)

If you feel insulted I didn't consider Ubuntu was already working 
perfectly for Hungarian users (or any other language not needing an IM 
method), I'm sorry. Since they already work quite well in any Linux 
distribution, I don't think increasing support for CJK users will 
deprive you of anything. Unless you'd rather have a better selection of 
games in Dapper :)


I'm rereading my post and still can't find this discussion noise, that 
is unless all development discussions about other packages were also 
noise. Even if we didn't have time to support my laptop (to talk about 
other "noise") I'd rather we supported my friends by adding IM in main 
than my hardware. But that must be because my CJK friends smile more 
often than my laptop, or than my nvidia gfx card;)

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