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Tue Jan 3 06:07:20 GMT 2006

On 1/3/06, Loïc Martin <lomartin3 at gmail.com> wrote:


> Well, I proposed to create a scim install/upgrade howto, but I got no
> answer. OTOH, I understand my own Joe user knowledge wouldn't be really
> the best choice as a howto writer. And since newer scim packages won't
> be backported to Breezy, my knowledge won't help much.
> I also proposed to Ubuntu-documentation to update the state of the Wacom
> mini howto (quite error-inducing) but I don't even think the message got
> through.

The developers have a finite time to deal with things in. Debating
wherefors and withertos with people on the lists take time away from
their developmont work. It has been explained why packages are in
universe, and why you can not expect the same quality of packages in
universe as in main. There is nothing to add to that discussion apart
from noise.

> >FWIW, Breezy has worked like a charm for me in many installs and
> >people I have given CD's to are saying the same, Breezy works
> >extremely well.
> >
> Microsoft tells you the same about their products, and I can imagine
> that the default install with lots of users doing only what the creators
> want you to do would indeed work flawlessly.

So where is the problem? And in case you didn't notice, Microsoft
charges an arm and a leg for their products.

> OTOH, we are all different, and AFAIK anybody having scim-gtk2-immodule
> on Hoary got into a mess when they upgraded to Hoary. But that might not
> be a bug, just a feature. And providing no foreign language input in
> Dapper would also be a feature. Learn English and teach English to your
> friends and family is a great feature we should advertise :)

To Breezy, not Hoary, right?

I see the smiley, hence I stay calm. English is not my first language
(my main happens to be latin based though), I dabble in cyrillic and
kanji and I still can not pick any major holes in Breezy.

Define foregin language please, as I KNOW there are many people on
this list which does not have english as their first language, and
they are not complaining. Or is it that it is not *your* particular
language of choice that is supported? If that is the case, then you
should state that instead of making out that you are speaking for all
non-english speakers (which I assure you, you are not).

> And it's true scim situation for a Hoary user upgrading to Breezy has
> nothing to do with Udo's concerns about neglecting Ubuntu (though I'm
> happy with Kubuntu, Ubuntu-server and Edubuntu - the more the merrier ;)
> I'd welcome a wmaker-Ubuntu.... and also a
> not-WASP-English-speaking-Human beings Ubuntu as well :P

Do tell me why anyone should endeavour to help someone that is rude
and racist towards the very people he is asking for help? Not everyone
is a glutton for punishment you know.

Anders Karlsson <trudheim at gmail.com>

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