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Loïc Martin lomartin3 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 23:43:11 GMT 2006

Anders Karlsson wrote :

>There has been a lot of criticism flying about lately, and IMHO most
>of it is unfounded or down to ignorance or a misunderstanding of
>process. If I may suggest something, it could be worth putting
>together a wiki/web page that details the processes used so people can
>become better educated and get a better understanding as to why some
>things may not work as well as others. It could even highlight areas
>where people could target volounteer efforts if they have need for
>something specific.
>Just an idea...
>Anders Karlsson <trudheim at gmail.com>
Well, I proposed to create a scim install/upgrade howto, but I got no 
answer. OTOH, I understand my own Joe user knowledge wouldn't be really 
the best choice as a howto writer. And since newer scim packages won't 
be backported to Breezy, my knowledge won't help much.
I also proposed to Ubuntu-documentation to update the state of the Wacom 
mini howto (quite error-inducing) but I don't even think the message got 

>FWIW, Breezy has worked like a charm for me in many installs and
>people I have given CD's to are saying the same, Breezy works
>extremely well.
Microsoft tells you the same about their products, and I can imagine 
that the default install with lots of users doing only what the creators 
want you to do would indeed work flawlessly.
OTOH, we are all different, and AFAIK anybody having scim-gtk2-immodule 
on Hoary got into a mess when they upgraded to Hoary. But that might not 
be a bug, just a feature. And providing no foreign language input in 
Dapper would also be a feature. Learn English and teach English to your 
friends and family is a great feature we should advertise :)

And it's true scim situation for a Hoary user upgrading to Breezy has 
nothing to do with Udo's concerns about neglecting Ubuntu (though I'm 
happy with Kubuntu, Ubuntu-server and Edubuntu - the more the merrier ;) 
I'd welcome a wmaker-Ubuntu.... and also a 
not-WASP-English-speaking-Human beings Ubuntu as well :P


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