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Joseph Method tristil at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 04:13:11 GMT 2006

I haven't seen anyone mention that the reason you support another gui
environment, or ensure server support, or reach out to schools, is to
attract developers. You lose half of Linux developers if you don't
support KDE. Server support, because it applies to businesses, is
especially good for attracting paid developers. Schools can employ
slave labor. But Udo does have a valid concern that the core Canonical
development team might not scale. It's just that there doesn't seem to
be a crisis justifying that concern at this moment, just some growing
pains that have resulted in a few anecdotal problems. It might be a
gathering concern for the future, but it doesn't follow that the best
way to address that problem is to shrink the *potential* developer
base, especially when the work on these projects can often be recycled
into each other.

> I don't agree with either conjecture here.  Debian's difficulties in release
> management are not due to intolerance for bugs, and KDE is not a factor in
> whether scim is supported in Ubuntu or not.
> If you can help us get scim working well in Ubuntu, I would welcome that.
> If you are not a developer yourself, but are concerned about a lack of
> manpower in Ubuntu for the specific projects you feel are important, perhaps
> you could help to recruit new Ubuntu developers with similar interests.
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