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On Mon, 02.01.06, Ante Karamatic <ivoks at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-01-01 at 15:20 -0800, Mike Bird wrote:
> > The comparison is Ubuntu Dapper versus Debian Unstable.  You
> But, unstable will never be released. 

Even more so is it interesting that unstable is more stable than dapper -
supposed to be a release - soon.

> I used Debian on servers, and still using on my old. But all my new are
> on Ubuntu. I had too much problems with some demands for programs that
> weren't in Debian. 

Could you please name the programs you need that aren't in debian? For a
server? _That's_ interesting to me. And with all those cross side scripting
thingies lately (I also follow fd since a short while) I would rather not
name PHP now since I at least have the impression that this is the cause of
all these exploits(sorry, would look it up proper now but I have to go to bed,
please correct if I'm wrong). 


> swtich to newer version and get that newer PHP/MySQL/Apache. But, for
> those servers that are build once and should stay like that forever,
> Dapper is great choice. Much better than Debian Sarge - you know when
> support ends and you can prepare upgrade to newer platform (newer
> version of Ubuntu that will be supported for 5 years).

If you netcraft a server and see that is has an uptime of 400 days and an
apache 1.3.23 running (not actual numbers) and 1.3.33 is current don't
assume that this is an old apache - debian folks have probably tended to that!
I would rather run sarge than any ubuntu on a server.

> But, Ubuntu "Stable" (Breezy) has PHP5 too. And this one is much more
> stable than Debian Stable :)

The ":)" indicates that this is a joke, right?

> Stop looking on Dapper as on Debian Sid. These two aren't alike.

Uh, why not? The ubuntu folks just did a massive resync against that.

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