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On Sun, 2006-01-01 at 15:20 -0800, Mike Bird wrote:

> The comparison is Ubuntu Dapper versus Debian Unstable.  You

But, unstable will never be released. Ubuntu has allready stable
distribution with PHP5 (Breezy), and Ubuntu will have new stable release
in 4 months, called Dapper. When will Debian have next stable release?
How long will it be supported? These are the questions that are of great
interest to administrators.

I used Debian on servers, and still using on my old. But all my new are
on Ubuntu. I had too much problems with some demands for programs that
weren't in Debian. Yes, I could compile/install them, but then I have to
do extra work on support for that server. It's ok while it's one. But
when you have 15 of them, then you don't want to do that.

Ubuntu, on the other hand, has stable release every 6 months. If Dapper
get's too old in year or so, for this kind of servers I could allways
swtich to newer version and get that newer PHP/MySQL/Apache. But, for
those servers that are build once and should stay like that forever,
Dapper is great choice. Much better than Debian Sarge - you know when
support ends and you can prepare upgrade to newer platform (newer
version of Ubuntu that will be supported for 5 years).

> have written that Dapper is less stable then Debian Unstable,
> and I agree.  However both have PHP5.  Indeed, Debian Testing
> also has php5, and that's much more stable than Dapper.

But, Ubuntu "Stable" (Breezy) has PHP5 too. And this one is much more
stable than Debian Stable :)

Stop looking on Dapper as on Debian Sid. These two aren't alike.

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