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Udo 'Robos' Puetz:

> I ran unstable for years and have never seen
> these problems with it as I see with dapper.

Dapper is not supposed to be as stable as Debian
unstable in this phase of the development cycle.

> And why does ubuntu have to cater the servers?
> Doesn't debian do this *very* good?

No. Debian stable doesn't have PHP 5 packages, and that's just a tip
of the 'let's release stable once every three years' iceberg. Also,
security-wise, Canonical supports Ubuntu main better than Debian
supports (much bigger, granted) Debian main.

> Why do you need 2.6.15 on a server? I think an admin
> should even be kicked for using this on a server!

Who uses 2.6.15 on a (production) server? I'm using
Breezy's 2.6.12 - is there something wrong with this?

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