2c about the development of ubuntu

Mike Bird mgb-ubuntu at yosemite.net
Sun Jan 1 22:49:44 GMT 2006

On Sun, 2006-01-01 at 14:28, Christian Bjälevik wrote:
> What the "new distribution" gives is yet another InstallCD
> with more server-tools than gnome-thingies shipped on the CD. Ubuntu
> 6.04 is our first "Enterprise Release", but we won't do what Redhat and
> Fedora does and make it another distro. It will still be Ubuntu, just
> with longer support :-). Here is aswell a reason to have the "new
> distro". 6.04 will have 2 year longer support on the server than on the
> desktops.

If someone does "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" in an Ubuntu
server installation, does it work and is it supported for an
extra two years?  If not, where is the list of packages that
qualify for the extra two years of support?

--Mike Bird

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