installing non utf8 locale

João Pinto Lamego at
Sat Feb 25 10:36:24 GMT 2006

I don't much about language settings so I am posting my question here to 
know whether I should fill a bug report.

I would like to set my system locale to pt_PT ISO-8859-1 (I need to use 
some applications which don't support utf-8 and I will get into troubles 
editing their lang strings with the wrong locale).

On Hoary and Breezy I was able to do it by following:

On Dapper, even if I select pt_PT ISO-8859-1 the lang environment vars 
get correctly set but then I get missing file errors because the 
corresponding locale files are not generated on /usr/lib/locale .

Should I fill a bug report for localeconf ?


João Luís Marques Pinto
PTlink IRC Network
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