post-install media formats wizard

Chris Wagner chris.t.wagner.1 at
Wed Feb 22 14:58:56 GMT 2006

> > we could improve my proposed dialog by making it install realplayer
> > (or some other non-free package) on "cancel".
> > 
> > but anyway, when was my text "baffling"?  i only said patents ONCE...
> And there the baffling begins. People don't read stuff, let alone try to
> understand it.

That baffling is nothing compared to what a typical Windows user is used
to (and I'm assuming our targeted audience, here, is primarily Windows
users).  Everytime one installs an application he's expected to read a
EULA far uglier than that "baffling".

I would say that it is quite important to at least make some note,
giving the user some small reason *why* he cannot have these things
working as is.  Many will not care; most will, at least in a
half-conscious manner, absorb these facts, as they continue to make the
download so they can play their stuff.

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