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Matthew East mdke at
Tue Feb 21 09:39:04 GMT 2006

On Mon, 2006-02-20 at 22:41 -0500, Ivan Krstic wrote:
> John Richard Moser wrote:
> > How about relegating these to ubuntu-devel-python, and also spawning an
> > ubuntu-devel-c and ubuntu-devel-objective-c and ubuntu-devel-php and so
> > on?  It'd save on bloat.
> Ubuntu is comitted to providing a complete Python development
> environment out of the box. It's a conscious decision, made without
> pretense of language neutrality, and it's very unlikely to change.

I think it must be correct that development environments do not really
need to be provided in the desktop, at least unless the website is going
to advertise Ubuntu's commitment to providing such an environment.

I agree with the original poster's suggestion of providing a separate
metapackage for this which is not installed with the desktop system.
Naturally, it's Mark's call, but threads such as this one (although
preferably without the breach-of-code-of-conduct ranting and out of
place accusations which undermine these sorts of discussions) serve to
make sure that these sorts of decisions are reconsidered every now and

In the unlikely event that the decision was changed, we could add a
prominent passage to the Desktop Guide in the section dealing with

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