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Lee Revell wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-02-20 at 23:55 -0500, John Richard Moser wrote:
>> This is the same mentality that went into "Extend .deb to optionally
>> be able to use a LiveCD image to supply files removed from the .deb
>> files" versus "just package Live/Install on a 1.2 gig DVD image."  The
>> devs decided that extra bloat was worth it, and don't intend to change
>> their stance; as a result, 2 CDs get shipped for live/install, 2 ISO
>> images exist, and lots of mirror space is used. 
> I don't see your point.  There are a LOT of users who don't have a DVD
> burner.

That was a side statement that probably doesn't need to be gone into;
the gist of it was that I had an idea for how to reduce .deb files when
they're placed on LiveCDs, and certain people came back claiming it
would be "technically impossible" and that the real solution is to just
shove a LiveCD and install environment onto a big DVD.

We can discuss this off list if you want; it's largely irrelevant in and
of itself.

My point was that there tend to be a LOT of decisions going into Ubuntu
that appear based on lack of understanding of wtf you're doing.  This
one appears to be a conflict between various directions that the
developers want to go with the desktop seed, each one either having a
slightly different view than the next or just plain old having pet
packages that they want to get into desktop.

There's a whole huge thread[1] on whether or not to drop
build-essentials in ubuntu-desktop.  The argument wavered back and forth
between "what 99.9% of our users will use/what the greatest common
factor of used software will be" and "Well there's no real reason NOT
to. . . and some/a lot of people will probably like it. . ."  It's a
fuzzy argument between "What were our goals" and "We want to do this
though."  From a project management perspective (IANAPMP), this is
indicative of lack of scope.


> Lee

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