disable low-disk space warnings/notifications?

George Farris farrisg at shaw.ca
Tue Feb 21 02:56:11 GMT 2006

On Mon, 2006-20-02 at 14:51 -0500, golfer wrote:
> On 2/20/06, Matthew Nicholson <sjoeboo at sjoeboo.com> wrote:
> > i'm getting the low disk space warning at every login, but its on a
> > drive used for storage, that is a 300gig drive, so, 80% full is hardly
> > "low" on space. its pretty annoying to see this red warning all the
> > time. any way to disable it?
> Of course the smart answer is "use kde".  I actually don't know
> either, but also would like to disable it.  Wouldn't it make more
> sense to just monitor the root partition(s), rather than /media stuff.

Look, we're all trying really hard not to get into these GNOME vs KDE
discussions for the interest of all Linux users.  Some people like GNOME
some like KDE, please leave it at that.


George Farris
george at gmsys.com

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