Can I help? (Re: gnome 2.14?)

alejandro.bonilla at alejandro.bonilla at
Tue Feb 21 01:01:24 GMT 2006

> On 2/21/06, alejandro.bonilla at <alejandro.bonilla at> wrote:
>> > On 2/21/06, alejandro.bonilla at <alejandro.bonilla at> wrote:
> The Gnome project has a release cycle of 6 months, so does  Ubuntu.
> The Ubuntu projects delivers stable builds in 4 and 10th month, and Gnome
> project in  3rd and  9th month,  giving time to Ubuntu to fully integrate
> it, but already
> now a dapper is running a development version of 2.14.
> Best regards,
> Mario

Very cool now. Is there anything that a not-yet-devel can do to help the
Ubuntu community? Package stuff? Test uber-development packages?

I could just go read the wiki on how to help, but maybe someone needs help
here? ;-)

OK, thanks anyway for the nice Job.


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