Fight between KUbuntu and the usb modem

Toni Pizà servomac at
Mon Feb 20 21:25:21 GMT 2006

> > This means that the driver was written for an old kernel and is not
> > compatible with Linux kernel 2.6.15.
> i just checked, and if google translate is making any
> sense out of it :), it says a new development called ueagle-atm is
> replacing eagle-usb, aiming not only for kernel 2.6.10+ compatibility,
> but also future inclusion/integration in the mainline kernel:

When I installed the Dapper with the 2.6.15-12-386 kernel I verified if the
driver was loaded (because I had seen in the main page of the project that
the kernel will be build in since the 2.6.15) and it was loaded in my system
before I tried to install anything ..

The problem was that I had any tool to configure the conection (because the
package eagle-usb-tool or something like this needs the package pppoe, which
I installed from the Debian repositories, but when I tried to configure the
conection during the installation of the package eagle-usb-tools it
crashed), and I tried it compiling the code which I downloaded from the

It's a trivality have a package in the cd which have a dependence which
isn't in the same cd, doesn't is?

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that this is a coincidence."
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