Fight between KUbuntu and the usb modem

Toni Pizà servomac at
Mon Feb 20 21:36:58 GMT 2006

> When I installed the Dapper with the 2.6.15-12-386 kernel I verified if
> the driver was loaded (because I had seen in the main page of the project
> that the kernel will be build in since the 2.6.15) and it was loaded in my
> system before I tried to install anything ..

Just now I have read in the main page that "ueagle-atm replace eagle-usb
since the 2.6.10 kernel and definitively since kernel-2.6.15". I'm going to
try it, because in the develop page of the uagle-atm ( the developers
warn that using the kernel 2.6.15 and my modem (a ct-350) I must use the

If I had any succes, I will tell you.

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that this is a coincidence."
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