Dapper Drake LiveCD usage report

Colin Watson cjwatson at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 16 11:26:06 GMT 2006

On Thu, Feb 16, 2006 at 10:12:05AM +0100, Ricardo Pérez López wrote:
> Hi! Yesterday I tried the Dapper Drake LiveCD build 20060214, and I
> would like to report here the problems I found:
> Before all, I selected "Español" language in gfxboot, because I'm
> Spanish :)
> 1. During startup, the message "Loading vmlinuz........" appears on top
> of the screen.

This is known although somewhat tedious to fix (x86 assembly in

> 3. The locale selected isn't the best locale (at least for me). It
> generates "es_AR.UTF-8", but my locale is "es_ES.UTF-8" (AR = Argentine,
> ES = Spain).


> 4. The keyboard layout is not correct. It's not correct in console mode,
> and it's not correct in X, too. My Spanish keyboard doesn't works.
> During startup, I can see the following messages:
> Generating locales...
>   es_AR.UTF-8... done
> Generation complete.
> xserver-xorg config warning: failed to infer keyboard layout from
> layout/lang
> '10 debian-installer/keymap doesn't exist--es_AR'

That should have been fixed by casper 1.30, uploaded on 2006-02-14. Can
you try today's live CD build?


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson at ubuntu.com]

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