Dapper installation notes/Stuff that needs fixing

Marco Cabizza mc at newglobal.it
Wed Feb 15 15:44:21 GMT 2006

Il giorno mer, 15/02/2006 alle 09.26 -0600, Travis Watkins ha scritto:
> w32codecs is illegal in any country that has copyright law. w32codecs
> isn't a reimplementation of certain codecs, it's a straight copy of
> the dll files from a windows machine.

I don't think this is actually true. Microsoft distributes its codecs
for free, and I guess that if that were illegal EVERYWHERE mplayer-hq
wouldn't ship it. Of course most of them have (both pending or approved)
patents, I guess.

But still, not a choice for a release if the Ubuntu guys don't even want
to ship mp3 codecs which are 100% legal in any european country as of
2006, unless full autonomy to countries is given and the local patent
offices start to accept software patents by national law, which will be
a total BOOMERANG for most international enterprises.


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