use qalculate instead of gcalctool

Yuki Cuss celtic at
Mon Feb 13 12:02:13 GMT 2006

MadMan2k wrote:

> yes I _am_ serious about that.
> I think qalculate has a much more intuitive interface than gcalctool.
> gcalctool tries to simulate a physical table calculator offering a 
> virtual keyboard, but this is fundamentally wrong since the user 
> already has a physical keyboard.
> Furthermore gcalctool makes the mistake of forcing the use of its 
> virtual keyboard - you cant simply edit the input field.
> Qalculate might seem overloaded at the first sight, but I'd rather 
> call it complete.
> Since gcalctool also offers advanced calculations, but you will loose 
> your result on switching the mode and get your screen filled up by 
> dozens of equal sized(i.e. no preference) buttons.
> I already filed bugs on gcalctool about that, but I was told it would 
> be  better to simplify qalculate than enhancing gcalctool.
> M2k

I am inclined to agree. qalculate's interface is much nicer in general, 
is seems to be more useful in general.

 - Yuki.
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