xserver-xgl update?

MadMan2k madman2k at gmx.de
Wed Feb 8 22:15:48 GMT 2006

Marco Cabizza wrote:
> What's kind of ANNOYING is that Novell didn't actually release ANYTHING.
> The release page screams something like "hey bro, look at this stuff,
> cool aye? COMPILE IT ON YOUR OWN FROM CVS if you like it". Which *might*
> have problems as CVS is always CVS :)
> Before any arguments we should wait for a release, unless you don't want
> to cvs co all the xserver tree...
> Oh and of course I don't want to fight with Novell, I've had enough of
> reading the whole discussion :)
> ~marco
> Il giorno mer, 08/02/2006 alle 14.03 +0100, MadMan2k ha scritto:
>> in particular to the latest release from Novell?
>> Is there any chance for this to happen?
>> I know that the upstream freeze was already passed a while ago, but
>> xserver-xgl is only in universe and there is much of popular interest in 
>> it...
>> M2k
actually I compiled it meanwhile by myself. the tarball novell released 
compiles fine against Xorg7 from the repositories.
You only need glitz(not sure about that) and glxcompmgr from cvs.
The server itself runs quite good, but glxcompmgr crashes from time to 
time. But this is neglectable since compiz should be out any time soon.


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