Creating a fully functional Breezy chroot

Enrico Zini enrico at
Mon Feb 6 07:49:09 GMT 2006


I'm trying to setup a fully functional Breezy in a chroot inside Sid in
order to play with assistive technology.  Everything works except
gnome-panel, and I'm stuck in need for help.

I proceeded this way:

 - lvcreate -L2G -n breezy vg
 - mkfs.jfs /dev/vg/breezy
 - mount /dev/vg/breezy /chroot/breezy
 - debootstrap --arch i386 breezy /chroot/breezy
 - chroot /chroot/breezy
 - dpkg-reconfigure locales
 - tzconfig
 - base-config new
 - fixed gdm configuration to work along with the sid X server
 - fixed /etc/fstab and resolv.conf
 - "booted" the Breezy system running /etc/rcS and /etc/rc 2 (reducing
   the lart-delay of /etc/rcS.d/S04udev from 60 to 5 seconds).

It's been really nice to see that the system went up fine: gdm starts,
sound works, I can login, I get (as I would expect) warnings about ACPI
and hal events not working but sudo works, I can run gnome-terminal from
Alt+F2, sudo synaptic and upgrade the system with the latest security

Now the problem (only one so far, but blocker for my efforts):
gnome-panel does not open the Applications and Desktop menus.  More
correctly, it opens them for a fraction of a second, then it removes all
the entries from them.  Applications and Desktop menus are unusable, the
Places menu works fine.  It also constantly uses about 20% CPU.

I'd like to try to fix this problem, but I could use some clues about
where to start looking at.

Could anyone point me into some direction?



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