First shot at new sponsoring workflow

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Aug 4 16:14:20 BST 2006

Hi Ubuntu developers,

As discussed in Tuesday's Tech Board meeting, we need to improve the
workflow for sponsored uploads (or, rather, instantiate such a process
in the first place).

After some discussion we quickly agreed that it would be best to use
Malone, Launchpad, and some magic scripts

Thus, there are now two new LP teams:

Everybody who is interested in helping with sponsoring, please join
one or both teams. I would also appreciate if a MOTU could become
owner of ubuntu-universe-sponsors.

You can see the currently pending requests at

Creating a request

I wrote a little python script that reads a debdiff from stdin or a
file, creates a bug report, and assigns it to the appropriate team:


  * You need a deb-src line for the release you upload to (and must be
    up-to-apt-get-update, of course).
  * The environment variable DEBEMAIL must be set.
  * The script currently needs a local MTA.

(Improvements appreciated!)

With this script, creating a request is as easy as

  debdiff cupsys_1.2.1-0ubuntu1.dsc cupsys_1.2.1-0ubuntu2.dsc| requestsponsor


  debdiff cupsys_1.2.1-0ubuntu1.dsc cupsys_1.2.1-0ubuntu2.dsc > diff
  [review diff]
  requestsponsor diff

The script will ask you for your GPG passphrase to sign the bug
report. It automatically uses gnome-gpg if it is installed.

Sponsoring a request

Since Malone's email interface currently does not support attachments,
requestsponsor puts the diffs inline into the bug report. Therefore it
is quite hard to grab a diff from the web interface. However, if you
are subscribed to the team, you get the diff as (gpg-signed) mail.

Save the email in raw text form [1], and do

  apt-get source package
  cd package-*
  gpg -o - /path/to/saved/email | patch -Elp1

You should check the signature verification result.

Once someone else than me has actually tested the process as well, and
the discussion settles, this will announced to ubuntu-devel-announce@,
and I will wikify the instructions.



[1] Hint for us mutt users: 'v', 's', enter file name
Martin Pitt
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