Moderated dev list?

Phillip Susi psusi at
Mon Aug 7 22:35:53 BST 2006

You might want to try using a threaded mail client.  When an off 
topic/flamefest thread crops up, simply ignore it.

Micah J. Cowan wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 04, 2006 at 10:30:57AM -0500, Michael V. De Palatis wrote:
>> Not only is this entire thread completely off topic, but it has
>> descended into an all out flamewar. Please, continue this discussion
>> elsewhere.
> (This was in response a message in the Freedom/most-offensive-thing
> thread).
> Once again, I'd like to know how feasible it might be to make
> ubuntu-devel a moderated list. There seems to be a very high
> noise-to-signal ratio here, where the majority of posts seem to belong
> more to sounder or ubuntu than to ubuntu-devel.
> I think part of this is due to some amount of difficulty in new
> participants in ascertaining /exactly/ what the purpose of ubuntu-devel
> is: I suspect that many find this list, like me, through
> ... which is a great place
> for a link to ubuntu-devel, but there is nowhere on that page or on the
> link that gives a good description of ubuntu-devel, and thus I think
> it's very reasonable for folks to suppose that sounder-type issues
> (especially for those unaware of sounder's existence) belong here.
> There also seems to be frequent support requests... I don't think most
> people writing those believe it's topical here, but they post it because
> they expect the lurkers here to be more knowledgeable than the average
> person in the support groups. That is a poor reasonm, IMO.
> I haven't noticed similar problems for the other groups (I currently
> lurk for -motu and -art, but not the support list)...

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