Mono required by ubuntu-desktop

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at
Tue Aug 1 23:14:09 BST 2006

Evandro Fernandes Giovanini wrote:

>> and if you think about the fact that you can have a whole beagle like 
>> indexer (tracker, yes I know it can do more) in about 8MB and put in the 
>> remaining 14MB lets say rhythmbox (which is intended to be searcheable 
>> with tracker) 22MB seems a lot to me.
> Until tracker can provide the more useful features of beagle it's hard
> to do a comparison. 

Such as?

Or do you mean indexing emails and logs which is coming soon.

Tracker (in cvs) now does tags, extensible metadata, first class storage 
and persistence, rich first class objects and more powerful search (rdf 
query) all of which Beagle cannot do.

By end of August, the logs/emails should be done - I hope thats enough 
time to consider adding tracker to edgy as default? (I dont know what 
the cut off date for edgy is?)

>> besides why should we waste RAM when everybody else tries to save it? 
>> Its not like tomboy or f-spot would be some absolutley must have killer 
>> apps. (does linux have those at all? or is it the philosophy/ freedom?)
> I'm sure Ubuntu wants to do better. Providing more features and better
> applications is not a waste of RAM, it's putting RAM to good use. 

Providing good apps without breaking the memory barrier is even better :)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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