Getting Started on X Window system

Matt Galvin matt.t.galvin at
Sun Apr 30 19:13:02 BST 2006

On 4/30/06, Daniel Lelis Baggio <danielbaggio at> wrote:
> Hi!
> I am starting programming on Linux, and, as I have always programmed in
> Windows, I still haven't got much experience on X11 System.
> So, if I wanna create a Window based program on Linux, where do I get
> started?
>  I've heard I got to use so XLib libraries, is it right?
> Is there any good IDE or RAD for X?
> Thank you!

You will want to use GTK or QT. There are some IDE's such as Glade
(for GTK/GNOME) or Kdevelop (for QT/KDE).



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