usplash font suggestion

Michiel Sikma omega at
Sun Apr 30 17:21:03 BST 2006

Hi all.

I'm glad that you liked the mock-up that I gave. I agree the font could 
be kind of larger. I initially made that font for designs for a game 
that I was making which was to be played at a low resolution. (In the 
end, I never made the game, though. That takes so much time.) :)

I also kind of agree with James that maybe there should not be any text, 
though. What do the others think about this? Maybe just show a slightly 
beefed up progress bar, similar to the one in the default skin. Such as:

Some extra shades of grey would really help make that progress bar look 
better, though:

Are the colors in the logo the only ones that can be worked with? The 
first one I linked to only uses the colors that were already available, 
the second one uses twice as many.

Regards, Michiel

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