usplash font suggestion

Michiel Sikma omega at
Sun Apr 30 14:08:15 BST 2006

Hi all. I'm new to this mailing list and Ubuntu development in general. 
I'm not even really a programmer, but rather a designer.

I wanted to discuss the usplash font with you. Namely, I think that the 
font is pretty bad; it looks like a vector font that was not designed to 
be shown without anti-aliasing. Maybe it's possible at this point in 
development to suggest a different one?

A pixel font might work in this instance, since there is no 
anti-aliasing and the font is being displayed at a small size. An 
example of what I mean can be seen here:

Another thing that I'm wondering of: will usplash in future Ubuntu 
releases discriminate between 4:3 and 16:10 screens? I've got a 
widescreen which makes the usplash look stretched horizontally.

Anyway, I hope you get back to this message! Thanks.

Regards, Michiel

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