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Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Sat Apr 29 21:22:42 BST 2006

Op za, 29-04-2006 te 13:45 +0800, schreef Joel Bryan T. Juliano:
> * The user's automated buddy list also improve, the localized channels
> are now added, and #ubuntu and #ubuntu-<locale> have a group called
> "Auto-join Default". 

I and at least three other people told you on the wiki page that this is
*not* a good idea...

> I don't think #ubuntu-<country code> is the right way to go for
> localisation. For example, #ubuntu-be is not a support channel;
> support for Dutch, French & German speaking people in Belgium is in
> #ubuntu-nl, #ubuntu-fr & #ubuntu-de respectively, while the Belgian
> channel is for the coordination of Ubuntu-related activities in
> Belgium. --JanClaeys 

> The same goes for Switzerland. The support channels should be
> organized by language, not nationality nor location. --TormodVolden 

> JeromeGotangco: We don't have a graphical IRC client on the default
> install with the exception of GAIM, hence the specification. There is
> also irssi, but that is terminal-driven. +1 with JanClaeys on the
> country code issue. We could still consider the country code, but
> perhaps for locoteam concerns rather than support? Some of the codes
> are not even active, so might as well trim it, for exaple, -kr doesn't
> exist for korea - its actually -ko :)

> [who wrote this?] Additionally, I've asked the people on the spanish
> channel for their opinion and some of them have told me that it's not
> a support channel and that they are concerned that people will enter
> the channel without even taking a look at the guide, expecting to get
> a satifactory answer as soon as they ask and some might even complain
> if they don't get it.

I also gave a possible solution:

> I think the best way to do l10n would be to have a gettext
> "translateable" string that contains one or more channels to show
> (e.g. CSV-formatted or something similar). That way local teams can
> decide for themselves how to organize their channels... --JanClaeys

Looking at the descriptions on the wiki page and in this changelog, it
seems like people in search for support will still be dropped in
non-support channels?  Sorry, but this is just plain counter-productive
and it will also give a bad impression when people get dropped into the
wrong channel...

Jan Claeys

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